Factors Influencing Joint Selection

Service Factors (SF)

The type of motor supplying the torque, and the installation conditions, can have a profound effect on the component life of the drive system. Therefore, the following factors should be taken into consideration, to offset the adverse effects on the joint bearing life, thereby resulting in the selection of a larger joint to maintain the design life of the joints.

Life Criteria

Each design of precision joint has different torque and speed capabilities. The four designs available from IMS are:

  1. Hardened steel bush -based on a joint life 3,000 hours at 3 degrees (restricted to low speeds and low angles).
  2. Plain pin -based on a joint life of 2,000 hours at 2 degrees (restricted to low speeds and low angles).
  3. Stainless steel joint -based on a joint life of 2,000 hours at 2 degrees (restricted to low speeds and low angles).
  4. Needle bearing joint -based on a joint life of 5,000 hours at 3 degrees (largely unrestricted by angle or speed but high angles and high speed combinations should be referred to IMS engineers for approval to avoid inertia excitation problems.


Angle  Factors (AF) -All Joint Types

Joint selection charts relate to a running angle of:
The factored torque value and speed of the joint/shaft can be used in conjunction with the selection charts to choose the type and size of joint to best suit the application required.

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